Cracking the Code, the Dress Code

As we all know, the SAA dress code is a little dull, borderline waitstaff attire. But fear no more, there are ways to express yourself creatively while still playing by the rule book! The dress code enforces strict rules about the color and style of our shirts, pants, shorts, and dresses, but few rules exist in regards to makeup, shoes, and hair color. No make up? No problem. Bold eye and lipstick? Still no problem! The code of conduct has no rules against makeup, yet pushing this leniency to extremes may be a distraction to your classmates; the same rule applies to hair color. However, ‘extreme hair color/style’ that may ’cause a disruption, or interferes with the learning environment’ are ‘not allowed.’ So, you might want to wait for the summer before doing anything to drastic. As for shoes, they must be “enclosed and fastened/tied properly,” but there’s no rule against the color, height, and the brand of the shoes. Expression of personality and originality is endless; you just have to look for the loopholes!

Another way to flaunt originality is shoelaces. This might sound silly, but the school board doesn’t have any regulations against shoelaces, so be as bold as you like. One more stand out solution is for those of us who bring lunch from home: lunchboxes. They come in every shape, color, and design imaginable. But there’s a catch; the code of conduct says that any bag large enough to fit a textbook must be cleared of mesh, but luckily, most lunchboxes won’t need to worry about this rule. The loopholes are aplenty and options are endless. We will always have a dress code, but originality is still an option!

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