Kaitlin Nicholson

Kaitlin Nicholson, a visual arts major, is one of the first students to be featured in the spotlight, sponsored by SAA Update. As a spotlight student, we asked Kaitlin questions about herself and her experiences at school. After a quick interview, Kaitlin revealed what life at Savannah Arts is really like, for her.

What is your favorite thing about Savannah Arts, and why?

“I really love how everyone here has a talent they get to use every day here, whether it be in music, the arts, etc.”

What extracurriculars do you participate in? What do you like about them/Why did you join?

“My favorite club is probably Key Club; I love how I’m able to participate and help out in my community.”

If you could give advice to an incoming student, what would it be?

“As a sophomore I knew that the workload would be a lot, but just don’t stress too much about it.” *Laughs as if she hasn’t slept in 30 hours*

Now, what does your life outside of school look like?

“I love hanging out with my friends and watching movies! Maybe I spend too much time watching movies though… maybe.”

If you could describe yourself in one word, what would it be?

“Creative. I am always drawing or painting. I feel relaxed whenever I am doing something creative.”

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