World Record… Egg?

As if you haven’t heard enough about it, we have to talk about the world record egg. In a feat recently improbable to any other, an egg, of all things, has broken the world record for greatest amount of likes on Instagram. No, I’m not even kidding. The egg has over fifty million likes, and it continues to go up every day. What fueled this egg to beat this record, no one knows (possibly a mutual hatred for Kylie Jenner), but it has topped Kylie’s baby name announcement by more than two hundred percent. The Egg (pictured above), a mere stock photo, was posted January 6th and went on to become a phenomenon, garnering attention from the likes of Buzzfeed and Kylie Jenner herself. Jenner even made a small video in which she cracked an egg as a “warning” (which, by the way, is nowhere near beating the Egg’s record). Was it mass hysteria that caused this Egg to reach such popularity, or something more? The world may never know.

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