Like a Winter Wonderland, But So Much Worse

If you have walked outside any time during the past week, you are probably familiar with the lovely yellow dust that is LITERALLY EVERYWHERE. It’s pollen and it’s unavoidable. It might get washed away with the rain, but it comes back with a vengeance the next day. While the rest of America is still dealing with winter, spring has come to Savannah, Georgia, and pollen, like snow, covers the ground and everything that it comes in contact with. If you are like me and 50% of Americans that deal with allergy-like symptoms to pollen, this time of the year can be miserable.

A few days ago, I noticed my throat was a little scratchy. Over the past week, I developed a cough and a stuffy nose. I knew that what I dread each year had happened. The pollen had arrived. Allergies are no fun to deal with, but I did some research and here are my tips for not justify surviving, but thriving this allergy season.

  • Wash your sheets

Any pollen that is on your body from being outside even just a short period of time will remain on your body and get transferred onto your sheets when you are in bed at night. The next time you get in bed, you will be rolling around in a bed of pollen and that is not helping your allergies. I recommend washing your sheets no less than once a week to save yourself from the sniffles.

  • Wash your hands frequently

This is the same idea as the last tip. If you rub your eyes or your face, anything that is on your hands, germs or pollen, will get on your face. You don’t want that to happen. Wash your hands multiple times a day and always wash them when you come in from outside.

  • Start taking medicine before you are sick

Even if you haven’t been prescribed allergy medicine, there are over-the-counter antihistamines like Claritin at your local drug store. Nose spray is usually pretty helpful in getting rid of some unwanted symptoms. Stock up on cough drops and tissues – if you’re like me you’ll need them. It’s going to be a lot harder to survive this allergy season if you forget to take your medicine. That’s why I recommend starting right now and hopefully you can prevent getting a cold or at least keep it from worsening.

  • Get plenty of sleep

Sleep is pretty much the best medicine for anything, but sometimes it’s hard to get a lot of it when homework and papers are due. Make sure you get at least 8 hours of sleep. It’s really important and you will probably notice a positive change in how you feel

  • Eat local honey

Now I’m not sure of all the science behind this or how well it works, but here’s the idea: if you eat local honey, your system will eventually become immune to your area’s pollen. It’s a similar concept to allergy shots. More exposure leads to long-term immunity.

  • Move to Antarctica

Because Antarctica is covered in snow, allergy-sufferers will have no problems living there. Unless, that is, you’re allergic to snow.

Hopefully following these tips will save you from the misery of allergy season. We can’t wear a mask every time we go outside, nor can we all just move to the land of ice and polar bears.

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