Keeping Up With Kate


Keeping up with Kate

While Savannah Arts is known for its talented and high-achieving student body, we also boast

some outstanding student athletes!   As a member of both our Cross Country and Track program,

junior, Kate Conner, is one of SAA’s top runners. Kate originally began running when she was ten years

old through Girls on the Run.  Being naturally competitive, she soon found out that she had a special

aptitude for the sport. At last Wednesday’s track meet, Kate placed 4th overall in both the 2 mile and 1

mile race.  Even more impressive was that she placed 1st in her age group in the ESPN Diabetes 5k the

following Saturday, in addition to being awarded 2nd best female overall.  Kate credits her

accomplishments to staying positive while she runs, noting that motivating herself to keep going is what

helps improve her time. Be sure to cheer on Kate, and the rest of our SAA Panthers at the next track

meet- Friday, March 1st at Southeast Bulloch High School!


How long have you been doing track?  
2 years
How long have you done cross country at Savannah Arts?
2 years
How long have you been running?
Running since I was 10

Any special reason why you started running??  Girls on the Run?
Personal fitness, goals, olympics, I started enjoying it, naturally competitive

I like cross country better, long distance is my thing

How did you do?  
Placed 4th in 2 mile and 1 mile, relay team for 4×4 second
Did anyone else on the team stand out/win anything?
Skylar, she got second in 2 mile and 3rd in 1 mile

What goes through your mind when you are competing?  
Stay positive to improve time

What was the other 5K you did?  
Outside of school, Coach B signed me up, ESPN Diabetes 5K… 1st in age group and 2nd best female overall

Do you have a routine to prepare for running events/how often do you train?
I train 6 days a week, except for Fridays.  “Fun 5K” on Saturdays
Routine- Stretch, warm up of 1 and a half miles



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