Lorenz Meier

Lorenz Meier is one of this year’s German Foreign exchange students. During his interview Lorenz expressed his liking for Savannah Arts and how cool it is that everyone is acts themselves and doesn’t care what other people think them. He said that being a theater major has made the experience even better too. He has always liked acting, and he says, “it gives me all this energy to be whoever I want without being called weird, or judged. It helps me understand people better as well.”

More about Lorenz:

What class has been the hardest for you?
“American literature because it is difficult for me to find the words in a different language and express myself in a literature in a different language.”
What is the biggest difference between our school and your school in Germany?
“It is an art school. I did regular classes all the time, and now I have time to fully grow my character. Also, it is easier to be myself over here; it’s hard to be that way in Germany, like if I were gay I would be hated.”
What’s has been the most fun thing you have done here?
“ The parties (non-alcoholic) are much more fun. I went kayaking which was cool. I also traveled to Atlanta, and enjoyed it. ”
What will you miss most when you go home?
“Definitely my friends”
What is the best thing you have eaten in America?
“Well Americans are known to be fat, laughs, but probably mac and cheese is a good classic thing we don’t have in Germany. I think if I were to ask my mom to make it she wouldn’t know what it is”
What is something you want the audience to know about you?
laughs”I’m German. People find me more interesting when I tell them that I’m an exchange student.”

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