Conspiracies in the Courtyard

Savannah arts has enough conspiracies and gossip to go around. But how much of this is actually true. I asked students to find out what the top 2 conspiracies were. Here is just a glimpse into the creepy corridors we spend so much time in and the dark truth behind them.

  • The Fallout Shelter A fallout shelter is a place that is designated and designed to protect people from a nuclear fallout.  SAA is a fallout shelter so this is less of a conspiracy as it is a fact. The likelihood of a nuclear war is 6.8%, I highly doubt this shelter being used anytime soon. But still it is odd to think of the place we go to everyday as a safe haven during a world disaster.
  • Haunted? Weather you believe in the paranormal or not . Some students say the creepy occurrences are just because the architecture is dated, but others believe we have a Casper the friendly ghost on our hands. Just today a door opened by itself during math! We ruled to reason to be because of the draft from the opened windows but that didn’t stop the class from wondering, was is really just a breeze? After further digging we discovered that there was a 12 million dollar renovation to modernize and make the building up to code with the board of education. There renovations where just shy of gutting the school. Could these changes to the original architecture stirred up paranormal activities? An anonymous student claims to have seen a ghost on the third floor next to the orchestra room. This sighting took place late at night after LGPE last year. “ It was dark, like really dark. The lights in the school were turned off because it was around 10:00 at night. I rounded the corner to put my instrument up when I saw a shadowy figure standing in the middle of the hallway just chilling out!” they also said,” It couldn’t have been a shadow from my friends and I because there was no light source and it was in the very middle of the hall, not against a wall!” So could there me more than just students roaming the halls?

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