Tutor.com is the website we’ve all been waiting for.

Today many tutor services are available but they all come with one thing — a hefty price. Mathnasium for about an hour costs around $50 dollars and an SAT tutor cost around $70 dollars an hour. Luckily, Live Oaks Library has a program available for anyone owning a library card that allows them to connect with a tutor for free.

The website is found on the Live Oaks Library website under the section “Find Information”. The website offers tutoring in every subject you could possibly imagine. The subjects range from AP preparation to Chemistry. The website even allows you to drop off your essay and return it to you with corrections and constructive criticism. You connect with a real-life tutor and they answer any question you might have.

Personally, this program has been such a life saver. This website is reliable, fast, and easy to use. Tutor.com ultimately improved my grades and confidence in school. I recommend this website to anybody who does not want to pay for a tutor and looking to improve their grades.

Below is the link where you can find the website and sign up with your library card.



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