Exams are coming! Here’s how you can survive them:

It seems like exams are far away, but in reality they are rapidly approaching! There is about a month and a half left of school and that means it’s about to be finals season. Many of you are probably panicking, but don’t worry! I have 7 tips that will help you fly through finals and ace your exams!

Start Early

  • If you don’t start studying right now, exam week will sneak up on you and you’ll be staying up all night right before the big test. I’ve totally been there and trust me, it’s not a situation you want to be in. Start reviewing and revising right now so you won’t have loads of unnecessary stress in the weeks to come.

Go to tutorial

  • All teachers here at SAA are required to have tutorial hours, so take advantage of it! Bring any questions to your teacher and spend time studying when they are around to help you. If your teacher offers review sessions, I would highly recommend attending those. Unless you’re preparing for an AP exam or the GMAS, your teacher is the one who makes the test, and therefore is the one that can best prepare you to ace it.

Don’t Procrastinate

  • This goes along with starting early, but you can’t waste your time. I know it’s super easy to procrastinate when there are more fun things to do or your phone is distracting you, but you don’t have much time to waste. If you need help with getting motivated to study, check out my other blog post,  “We Can’t Make You Like School, But Here Are Some Tips to Help You Get Through it.”

Create a Topic List

  • Basically, create a list of all that will be on your test and what you need to study. Make smaller points under of the details. This way you can refer to it when you are figuring out what you need to study each day.

Make a Plan of Action

  • This is my biggest tip!! If you know when your test is, create a study schedule, whether it’s for a month or 2 weeks. Refer back to your topic list so you know the important things you need to cover and write out a plan of action, telling yourself what you are going to study and on what day. Stick to the plan so you don’t end up cramming!

Find a Study Buddy

  • Find a friend that will be taking the same class and try to find a time once or twice a week after school to review together. This makes studying a little fun and more manageable. It doesn’t have to be your best friend! Ask anyone in your class and I’m sure most people would be happy to have someone to study with.

Use a Prep Book or Textbook

  • If you are taking an AP exam, I highly recommend investing in a prep book to help you know what to study. Ask an upperclassman if they have a used book you could borrow and I’m sure you could buy it from them for much cheaper than you could online. For those of you taking the GMAS, study guides are online, published by the state, that contain all the information you will need. Lastly, if you are preparing for a final exam or test, use a textbook for that course to help you review anything you might’ve missed.

Good luck! I will be doing all of these things to prepare for my end of the year exams and I hope you will too! No one likes exams, but I guarantee you they will be much more tolerable if you are well prepared!

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