SCAD Sidewalk Arts Festival

Around two weeks ago, Savannah Arts held its annual Sidewalk Chalk Festival. Students gathered to purchased a square to decorate, while live music played and art stores, like BLICK and Starlandia, advertised their products to the student artists. Leopold’s Ice Cream even showed up with some, albeit pricey, ice cream to add to the fun. In the end, SAA’s sidewalks were covered with beautiful art that has since faded away. But while the memory lives on of that fun afternoon, the activities do not have to stop!

SCAD, the Savannah College of Art and Design, is hosting their own Sidewalk Arts Festival. The Festival will take place on April 27th, this coming Saturday at Forsyth Park near Downtown Savannah. This is SCAD´s 38th festival, which one might consider to be a bit older when compared to the Savannah Arts rendition. SCAD’s is also a lot more popular. Hundreds of Savannah locals and tourists will be going to see Saturday’s event, with plenty of participants from SCAD and numerous high schools around Savannah.

For those who participate, SCAD will be judging the different creations and handing out awards. New this year is the award for a chalk masterpiece concerning SCAD’s 40th anniversary, with the winner being awarded a hefty $2,500. Of course, there are also awards for Best in Show, along with the best creation by a SCAD student or high school student.

There is also the option to sit back and relax. The Festival isn’t only artists painting chalk on the sidewalk, but there will be live music and food available at the park. If you are just going to enjoy the art, maybe turn the trip into a day at the park. Gather up your friends, bring a blanket or two, and enjoy the festival in its entirety!

It should be mentioned that the SCAD Sidewalk Arts Festival is one of many activities taking place during the special SCAD40 weekend, where alumni, students, and families of the college are going to be celebrating the school’s 40th birthday. So, if you plan on attending the chalk festival, feel free to investigate the other fun things that SCAD will be showing this coming weekend.

For more information on both the festival and the SCAD40 weekend visit

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