I Promise This Is More Effective Than Downing a Tub of Ice Cream

We’ve all been bummed out before. Maybe you received a failing grade, or you broke up with someone, or someone broke up with you, or you accidentally saw the Avengers Endgame spoilers. No matter the cause, I am right to say that we have all been bummed out atleast once in our lives.

Most of us are veterans when it comes to feeling down about ourselves or about something happening in our lives. We all know the routine: Sulk. Eat. Sleep. Repeat. A much as I love being a couch potato, this routine process of sulking, eating, and sleeping, does me (and you) absolutely NO good whatsoever. In fact, it actually makes things worse.

Sulking is completely useless. Imagine this: you spill a glass of milk and then let the spilled liquid sit on the counter while you repeatedly tell yourself, “I should not have spilled that milk. I was so stupid.” That’s not doing you any good, and same goes for bigger events like breakups, low grades, etc. Eating will lead to weight gain depending on how long you choose to sulk, and I don’t think that gaining weight is the ideal solution to your problems. Research shows that it is possible to sleep TOO much, and that oversleeping can be linked to the cause/continuation of several mental health issues.

The best way to raise your spirit after getting bummed out is to turn your negative emotions into something physical. Physical meaning anything you can act upon. So, for example, say that you just experienced a break up. You’re probably feeling sad and angry. In this case, try going to the gym to blow off some steam. Use your negative emotions as motivation. This will get your mind off the situation, and you’ll be making some gainz as well. That’s a win-win. Now, say that you failed a really important test, even though you studied so hard leading up to it. In this instance, you might be feeling just plain sad or even depressed. For this, you might want to write down your feelings; maybe turn your thoughts into a song or poetry. You could also talk it out with a friend or parent you feel comfortable with.

The bottom line is that you should try to make something positive out of your negative experiences. I’m not saying that you shouldn’t feel unhappy. You should definitely allow yourself to get emotional and let those emotions out. However, you should also try and use your emotions to your advantage. This way is much HEALTHIER than downing a tub of ice cream, and I promise you it’ll be much more EFFECTIVE.

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